Examples of all available sizes of the Otto Watercolor Paper Stretcher and t-wrench

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The Otto System for Stretching Watercolor Paper

This is the innovation you've been waiting for!  The Otto  System is a unique, frustration-free artist's tool, designed, engineered and used by artist, Ron Otto.  It employs engineered clamp bars made from a renewable hardwood called poplar.  The fasteners are stainless steel, and 1/2" coreboard material is also included.  This unique system makes it easy and fast to stretch watercolor paper.  You will have a perfectly flat surface for your art work with no tack or staple holes in the deckle.  You'll find the Otto System faster and easier to use than any other option on the market today.  The Otto System makes a great gift, too.

This amazing invention enables the  artist to prepare surfaces of all weights without damaging the deckle edge. The finished painting is as flat as the original sheet.  Say goodbye to staple or tack holes and be ready to paint in less time.  No strength or agility is needed to perform the entire process.  So fast and easy, it is suitable for any age. 

No more glue, tape, staples or tacks!  The T-wrench included is the only tool you'll need.  Mount and unmount the poplar clamp bars in seconds.  Take a look at the Demo Video to see how incredibly fast and easy it is.  A link to that video is to the left of this narrative.  Neither strength or agility is needed during this process. Perfect for young or old, beginners or veterans.  You will be ready to begin your  painting in minutes, and the entire process can be completed indoors or outdoors.  The clamp bars, t-wrench and stainless steel fasteners will easily fit in a backpack for a trip to the mountains, lake, seaside, or other favorite outdoor location.  It is the ideal tool for the artist that prefers the outdoors.

Everything you need is included with your purchase.  You will receive 4 clamp bars with stainless steel fittings, the loop handled T-wrench, 1/2" lightweight coreboard panel material, and printed instructions.  If you prefer to use your own, you may also order the Otto System without the coreboard panel material.  No other tools are required to enjoy a perfectly flat surface for your art work, and the entire process is quicker and easier than any you have used in the past.  You will be enjoying the Otto System for many years to come.

The Otto System comes in four standard sizes for full, half, quarter and eighth standard sheets.  Consider saving money by purchasing a Combination Pack which includes several sizes.  Custom sizes are also available by request.  Just give us a call, or email us, and we will be happy to cut a custome size for your art project.